Hi guys--Thanks for checking out my special Sonoma Aperitif page for Airbnb friends.  As many of you know, I'm starting a new business called Sonoma Aperitif--it's actually the newest official winery in Sonoma County as of this month! The winery is having its official opening in August 2014.

Over the last year and half, many of you have helped me refine my product and branding by doing tastings at my house in Forestville--kind of like an impromptu focus group. I've really appreciated your comments and feedback, and I thought you'd like a chance to get more involved in the project you helped create.

If you purchase a Sonoma Aperitif Wine Club Founder's Membership (for Airbnb Guests) for $350, you'll get:

  • A 2-day stay at my house in Forestville (available weekdays only, Monday-Thursday) OR, for the more adventurous, a 2-day stay in the Sonoma Aperitif winery tasting room in Penngrove before it officially opens in August--weekend or weekday.
  • 12 Aperitif of the Month Club packages. Each monthly shipment contains contains 2 bottles of aperitif--the aperitif of the season and one rare/heirloom variety only available to wine club members--and a jar of Sonoma Aperitif jam. (The wine shipments begin in August 2014.)
  • An aperitif party for 6-10 friends at your home (Northern California only), with aperitifs and paired appetizers, provided by me. 
  • An invitation to our opening bash in August 2014 and seasonal aperitif dinner parties throughout the year.

This is a special offer only for my former Airbnb guests. Our regular Founders Wine Club Membership is $500, and does not include the fun tasting room stay option or the aperitif party at your home. 

So much fun for so little money! 

How to Claim this Special Discount for Airbnb Guests

To purchase the Founder's Membership for Airbnb Guests, go to the Founders Membership Page. Click "ADD TO CART" then click the shopping cart in the upper right-hand corner, then click CHECKOUT. Fill out your information, then insert this code in the coupon section on the right side of the page and click REDEEM: 


This is add the discount and youll Feel free to call me at 707-322-8696 if you have any questions.